Building a sustainable, healthy and delicious food system
From the Mediterranean,
to the world.
We were inspired by our Mediterranean heritage to create the healthiest 100% plant-based meat and fish, with the best ingredients and the best nutritional value.
We are
Game Changers
Together, we want to drive a shift towards sustainable plant-based food, for our health, for animals, and for the planet.
Vote with
your fork
The biggest changes start with the smallest actions. Learn, share, and join the revolution that will transform the planet into a better place.
Putting a spin on our favourite dishes
Sustainable, nutritious and veeery delicious food.
Rainbow Sandwich
Heura® Bao with hoisin sauce
One pot Heura® pasta
Heura® nuggets with sweet potato and tartar sauce
Heura® Nuggets with BBQ sauce
Heura® Burger with salad
Heura® Burger with avocado and coleslaw
Heura® curry with coconut milk
Handmade Heura® pizza with a carrot crust
Pad Thai with Heura®, vegetables and nuts
Heura® tacos with avocado and pickled onion
Be the change
you want to see.
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