Good Rebel Tech: Shattering food industry norms
All the benefits in additives, but without additives

Ready to taste the future of Deli?

  • Free from additives
  • Shorter ingredient lists
  • Higher nutritional value
  • Higher protein quality
  • Superior taste and texture

With the mission to accelerate the protein transition, we’re thrilled to present this game changing line of plant-based meats.

Through pioneer patented technology, the Heura Foods R&D team has made an advancement in the scientific field to address the unmet consumer need for plant- based Deli meats with clean labels, high protein density, and superior taste and texture. 

In autumn 2023, we will present the result of this technology to the world, unlocking one of the most significant segments in the category that is underdeveloped due to lack of relevant offer for the consumer. 

This is one step further on Heura’s journey to uproot the food system, and we want you to be the first one to taste this flavour. The flavour of change.

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