Ask for plant-based options #TheNewNormal

TIP1. Ask the person who’s waiting on you and let them know who we are.
TIP 2. Comment in some of their Instagram or Facebook posts and tag us. Let’s fill their Insta and FB posts with our tag @heurafoods.deu
TIP 3. Send them a DM explaining why they should have Heura® in their establishment, and some photos of all the recipes they could make with Heura®.


TIP 1. Send an email to their customer services (you’ll be able to find their contact details on their website) and show them you’re interested in Heura®. If lots of us do this, they certainly won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.
TIP 2. Send them a message on Instagram or Facebook and tell them you want to buy Heura® at their shop

Together, we are more powerful.
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